Brunner Done at 5

After more than twenty years, NewsCenter5 anchor Liz Brunner is leaving the station.  The nightside anchor announced on Facebook that she is departing 5 TV Place to start her own communications firm.

She remarked, “I’m so excited to share some special news with you. I am launching my own company, Brunner Communications, a full-service media training, coaching, and consulting firm. It’s been a phenomenal journey, and now I’m thrilled to embark on my next chapter.”

Brunner joined WCVB in 1993 after working at then-CBS affil WTVT in Tampa Bay.  No word on her replacement, but Brunner’s last day is next Thursday, October 17th.

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9 Responses

  1. I Witness News says:

    The obvious replacement for Brunner is Bianca, unless CVB is afraid to split up their winning EyeOpener team.

  2. Brian Lacey says:

    Liz Brunner has had no peer when considering the class, sophistication and professionalism that she has brought to local news here in Boston. Let’s wish her the best in her new venture; I have no doubt she will succeed with it. Thank you, Liz, for your 20 years of service to New England. You will be missed.

  3. Wes says:

    Bianca should be moved to evenings. Jc Monahan could replace her as anchor in the morning

    • Dan says:

      Interesting idea but i doubt that will happen – I think JC wanted out of the early morning deal, which was part of the reason for her switch to Chronicle

  4. louis says:

    Don’t thing WCVB will mess up the mornings any more, two resent departure. JC and Dorothy. With Susan Wornick leaving I think they will keep Bianca on mornings. They do not want to get into the mess that WHDH has in the mornings.
    Possibly JC in the evenings and continuing to host Chronicle.

    One wild card the return of Frances Riveria or some one from the outside? Might not fill the position and save the salary.

  5. Wes says:

    Or Antionette could get bumped up to the midday or 6pm slot

  6. Bill says:

    Perhaps, Pam Cross can finally get promoted after all her years as weekend anchor!!

  7. Wes says:

    Who anchored the 6pm show with Ed last night?

  8. Farrington says:

    Sorry to see Liz go and also sad that Susan Wornick is retiring. Maybe they are too old for the business in the eyes of the bosses! I think they both are terrific but I am Susan’s age too!!

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