More News on 5: Mike Dowling Done After 28 Years

After twenty-eight years, veteran NewsCenter5 sportscaster Mike Dowling has decided to leave the station. The news was broken on the station’s website earlier this week.

‘CVB News Director Andrew Vrees wasted no time shining high praise on Dowling, commenting, “Mike is a sports reporting legend in the city. We always felt like we were there – with him – for all the action during the biggest victories of our lifetimes,” adding, “The players changed over Mike’s time at SportsCenter 5. What didn’t change was Mike’s knowledge of the teams and his unique ability to get the players to trust and open up to him. That’s a true skill.”

After joining the station in 1985, Dowling covered the Patriots Super Bowl dynasty, three Red Sox World Series, and the Nancy Kerrigan scandal in 1994. His final day will be on February 21st.

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2 Responses

  1. Al stearns says:

    Any chance he is going to another boston channel ?

  2. Wes says:

    The only other station that might need help in the sports department is fox 25.

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